Social Balance and Personal Integrity


Wishing you all the best in another week with the Yoga and Meditation society. In Tuesday’s meditation session we were happy for some new members to join our space. After briefly getting to know each other, we picked up from where we left off last week, mantra chanting. Using the mantra “Baba Nam Kevalam*”, our voices and a guitar, we shared 15 minutes of mantra chanting then sat for 15 minutes of collective meditation.

In my spiritual journey mantra chanting has been a most valuable tool. It has enhanced my clarity and concentration in meditation and uplifted my overall wellbeing. It inspires me to have a space to share this powerful practice with others.

So many benefits to mantra chanting it’s overwhelming to list all. Though I will mention one thing: it allows one to withdraw from the excessive preoccupation with our physical bodies and other material concerns. This process of withdrawal soothes the restless mind and provides a spiritual space that enhances individual or collective meditation. We will continue to chant in our upcoming sessions.

In our session, after our collective meditation, some key aspects of practical yoga philosophy were introduced. Yama and Niyama: social balance and personal integrity. These ethical codes of guidance help us to bring harmony and understanding, which we find through meditation, into every moment of our lives.

The first principle of Yama, Ahimsa, means action performed without the intention of harming anyone or anything by thought word or deed. We will reflect deeper on this point in next Tuesday’s session. The video below will give you some more information about this which you may like to watch in preparation for or to supplement the upcoming classes.

Even though next week is reading week, we will go ahead with our meditation session as it will provide everyone with clear head-space for more effective study. Hope you can join.

Om Shanti,
Dada Paramasukha

*Baba Nam Kevalam: Everything is an expression of one infinite, loving consciousness,

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