Booking Rules

  1. Bookings open every Sunday at 8 PM for all classes of the following week.
  2. The password for the bookings of each week will be sent out between 7:00 and 7:30 PM every Sunday to your UCL email address, so please make sure you check that in time in order to book classes.
  3. If you buy membership after 7:00 PM, you will not be sent a password for this week but will be included in the following week. 
  4. If you ever have an issue/did not receive a password by 7:30 PM, please contact us via Facebook or email! We have moved the time so that you will always have the chance to contact us in case anything goes wrong.
  5. Please make sure only to attend the classes you booked as it is otherwise unfair to those who have and cannot enjoy their time properly!
  6. If you cannot attend a class you booked, the usual thing for you to do is to make a post in the “UCL Yoga & Meditation Club – Booking exchange” group on Facebook, at least 3 hours before the class, offering it to someone else!
  7. Anyone who booked a class and does not attend it/did not make a post on Facebook will be taken out of any further bookings the following week. Attendance lists are made at the beginning of each class, so please put your name down/tick it off there or make sure the person who took your place does it for you.
  8. Locations and times of classes may vary from week to week so please make sure to always check the information on the website.
  9. Please bring your own yoga mat to classes.