Meet the Committee

President: Julia Geppert

3rd Year Philosophy, Politics and Economics

I started practicing Yoga at my former dance school around five years ago and since then, it has played an important role in my everyday life. Whether I start my day or round it off with it, it always calms me down and helps me put things into perspective.

FAVOURITE YOGA POSE: Tree Pose – it makes you pay attention to all the little muscles in your body and really focus your mind on finding your balance.

 Project Manager: Cäcilia Kunz

3rd Year Biochemistry

I started doing yoga last year when I started studying at UCL. For me, Yoga is as a way to combine relaxing with being physically active. Moreover, I enjoy being present during the practice and how this mindfulness also affects my daily life.

FAVOURITE YOGA POSE: Apart from Shavasana my favourite pose is Crow – just like in life, in this pose balance is key.

Treasurer: Lydia Popplewell


I initially started practicing yoga on my own to soothe anxiety and sleep better. Since joining UCL yoga I’ve seen amazing progress in both my mental and physical health.

FAVOURITE YOGA POSE: Pigeon pose as it forces you to slow down and just enjoy the stretch.

Communications Officer: Iva Gergova

MSc Energy Systems and Data Analytics

I started practicing yoga for the first time three years ago when I met Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. I find it a great way to explore my body, mind and soul. Its surprisingly fun too – when else can you stand on one leg and pretend to be a tree?

FAVOURITE YOGA POSE: I really enjoy the Crow pose!

Social Media Coordinator: Abbie Rogan

Social Events Coordinator: John Davidson

Welfare Officer: Elena Baggio

2nd Year European Social and Political Studies

I started yoga last year as a beginner and wish I had done so sooner. I love that each practice can be anything you want it to be, whether that’s a physical challenge or a space to unwind and relax. Also, working on my focus and flexibility has really helped me improve in other sports.

FAVOURITE YOGA POSE: Forward Fold – it’s a really soothing stretch and a great way to let go of all the tension.

Community Outreach Officer: Charlotte Li

3rd Year Biomedical Sciences

Yoga allows me to connect with my body in a busy world and clears my mind after a long day. It has also made me realise the amazing things my body can do!

FAVOURITE YOGA POSE: Mermaid Pose – stretches muscles you never even knew were there!