Meet the Committee

President: Leah Koh

2nd Year English

I remember taking my first yoga class three years ago and not thinking much of it. Now, yoga takes up many of my evenings! Whether I’m going back to familiar poses or navigating new and challenging ones, there’s always much to learn and enjoy.

FAVOURITE YOGA POSE: Urdhva Mukha Svanasana (Upward-facing Dog) I love feeling the refreshing backbend, especially when flowing through a sun salutation.

Treasurer: Henry Mayhew

3rd Year Philosophy, Politics & Economics

I joined yoga as a complete beginner last year and absolutely loved it. Now as treasurer I want to deliver the same amazing experience that I had for you guys!

FAVOURITE YOGA POSE: Paschimottanasana (Seated Forward Bend) because it relaxes those tight hamstrings.

Welfare Officer: Pavlina Kruzikova

2nd Year Physics

When I first started doing yoga in high school, I practically used sun salutations to wake my body up before early morning classes. After I finally started going to actual yoga classes at UCL, I fell in love with the practice and love it as my “active me-time”.

FAVOURITE YOGA POSE: I’d say forward fold (uttanasana). I start my mornings hanging there, letting go of any tension or expectations of the day – so soothing!

Project Manager: Zofia Ziolkowska

2nd Year Biological Sciences

I started practising yoga during my first year in UCL and it has quickly become one of my favourite forms of meditation and exercise. I especially enjoy the soothing effect yoga has on my body and mind, and the fact that it has turned out to be a great way to combat anxiety.

FAVOURITE YOGA POSE: Child’s Pose (balasana), because there’s nothing like a little rest when you feel that you’ve earned it. Also, it makes your back feel really nice.

Social Media Coordinator: Abbie Rogan

I’m a third year PhD student researching ageing, I love acroyoga!

FAVOURITE YOGA POSE: Halasana, or Plough Pose!

Social Events Coordinator: Daphné Suarez Sesartic

2nd Year History

I started my yoga practice when I was 17 because I was feeling stressed about school and ever since then it is a part of my life and I can’t stop wanting to improve!

FAVOURITE YOGA POSE: Downward facing dog, or Adho Mukha Svanasana, it helps me focus on my breathing!