Introduction to Meditation

Namaskar* everybody,

Hope everyone is doing well getting settled into the fresh new academic year. For those that didn’t come to the meditation session this past Tuesday, we look forward to seeing you next week. And for those who joined, thanks for your lovely presence.

Meditation is a great way to relieve whatever stresses or anxieties you might be going through while adjusting to a new academic routine. It will also help you strengthen your concentration abilities for more effective study habits. Furthermore it can be a way to create clear head space in a world of ever increasing distractions and complications. So many wonderful aspects of such a simple practice!

This week we were in room 07 of the Chadwick building. We cleared out a space by putting desks and chairs aside, removed our shoes and sat on the ground comfortably. But it’s okay for anyone who wants to join to use a chair if necessary. When I first started meditation, I couldn’t sit cross-legged on the ground for 5 minutes!

First we introduced ourselves as it was the first time we shared space together. Then we did some internal exploration, practicing some simple meditation exercises: sharing quiet space, listening to our surroundings, concentration on breathe, counting our breathes, easy peasy lemon-squeezy.

As we only have 1 hour for the session, time zooms by. But next week we will go a bit deeper in the short time we have in our collective meditation space. I’ll introduce the concept of mantra and we can even do some mantra chanting. I’ll bring a guitar to add some melody and rhythm. Mantra chanting is a great pre-meditation technique to clear head space of mental clutter and prepare the mind for more effective concentration. We will explore the technique of mantra chanting next week.

If you’re interested to follow up with deeper study on meditation and spiritual teachings, check out our Facebook page. One of my colleagues who runs a meditation retreat centre in Siberia, is consistently uploading excellent YouTube videos with simple spiritual concepts clearly explained in detail. We’ll share videos relevant to the discussions held in our sessions.

Our meditation space is open to all. Full of acceptance, void of judgment. Open for discussion, introspection and analysis. So if you are new to meditation or a seasoned swami (holy person), come join us to create an oasis of mental calm, clarity and peace. We’re just getting started!

See you next Tuesday.

Best wishes,
Dada Paramasukha

*Namaskar is a Sanskrit greeting. It means: I salute the divinity in you with all the sweetness of my mind and the warmth of my heart 😉

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