Booking Classes (In Person)

In-person classes are under review and planned to begin late-October 2020. Watch this space!

Do I have to book to attend a class?

YES! Our classes are extremely popular and spaces are limited so you must book each class in advance and bring the booking confirmation email with you.

How do bookings work?

Anyone who purchases membership before 23:59 on Saturday night is guaranteed to receive a password to sign up for classes the following Sunday.

The password that can be used to sign up for classes will be sent out at some point on Sunday before bookings open.

The password will ALWAYS be sent out to your UCL email address, under which you purchased your membership. Please do not contact us about not having received the password before bookings open and make sure you check your UCL EMAIL and its spam folder first.

Bookings for classes will open every Sunday at 18:00 on our BOOK CLASSES page. You will be able to book classes for the following 7 days.

Please only book classes that you are sure you can attend and do not book more than 3 classes per week. There are a lot of students in our club who would all like to enjoy our sessions, so please be considerate of your fellow members.

You can also check the facebook page during the week. If someone can no longer attend a class they have booked, it will be advertised there.

What do I do if I can no longer attend a class?

If you can no longer attend a class you previously booked, please go to our official Booking exchange group on Facebook and offer your spot to someone else.

Your Facebook post should ALWAYS include the following:

  • Date and time of the class you booked
  • Teacher of the class
  • The name under which the original booking was made

Please offer your spot to the group at least 3 hours before the start time of class to give other students the chance to take up your spot and make it in time.

The first person to comment on your post will receive your spot.